the world is a dangerous place.

connor reeves is the

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Totally #awesome samurai display by @ElstreeSchool thanks for a brilliant visit!
RT @CotswoldPenny: Loving #cheltlitfest - @YoungSamurai 'So have you done any martial arts?' Youngest: 'I'm a black belt' Ah... 😂😂😂 https:/…
@HyCraftHD danke. Thanks!
I hope you hit the Target dead center for #Bodyguard series!
Time for me to make a quick exit!
@cheltwaters thanks Waterstones and Barbara for your never ending support of my books!
RT @cheltwaters: Fab action packed event with @YoungSamurai training an elite squad was fun!!! #cheltlitfest thanks Chris…
RT @CotswoldPenny: How to get kids hooked on #reading - loving hearing @YoungSamurai talking about 'method writing' #cheltlitfest https://t…