the world is a dangerous place.

connor reeves is the

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SUPER BODYGUARD to be released in Germany August 2017! (#Bulletcatcher UK edition) Think "Bodyguard meets X-Men"…
@dehan_meerholz You'll have to read it to find out... My advice don't trust anyone!
@ummabell Wonderful to hear! A true ninja reader ;-) Hope event went well
@Kooky_Koalas22 in th UK in May :-)
Early writings! #surprise at being sent this by my old school @swbgs needs a good edit! Can't wait to return for an…
@tompalmerauthor @PuffinBooks Great to chat with you too. Must do it more often :-) Up for an arm wrestling match?
WARNING TO ALL PARENTS! #YoungSamurai effect #Bodyguard danger
@Hayatollah7 no date set yet...
@PickMeImSpecial no teasing. Book 9 is happening. I'm writing it this year.
@ismaytjhu yes!!!! Writing it this year :-)