the world is a dangerous place.

connor reeves is the

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@Tormead_Lib can't wait to wow your pupils with Charley, my heroine in #Target
Stunning cover for Vietnam edition of The Ring of Wind. Captures the spirit of the books! #YoungSamurai #BookCover
@anksmt if it's your birthday wish then I'll have to make it come true!
@the_philtor great to hear as I begin book 5!
@fbiagentabc1 all planned out. But it still surprises me at times
TARGET sandwiched in the middle of some great slices of fiction!
It's my birthday next month! Hope some little ninja gets me shurikens ;-)
@M_Nabstar Japan for a real katana
@fbiagentabc1 you are a star fan! Keep up the good work :-)
Get your ears blown off! Bodyguard TARGET exploding onto Audible June 9. Preorder now!