the world is a dangerous place.

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@Masutasodo55 I'm writing the next bodyguard book right now :-) 6 months work ahead but it will be worth it
Samurai School - learn all about ninja, weapons, and zen meditation!
1st lesson in being a samurai: Learn how to hold hashi (chopsticks). If you can't eat, you can't train!
@LibMrs @tes Always good to have personal recommendation for Young Samurai and Bodyguard books.
Samurai or Ninja? Hear Chris's Top Five Tips For Martial Arts Training
Riddling Monk answers: a match!
Riddling Monk asks: Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red. What am I? [Answer tomorrow]
Young Samurai available as ebooks for instant download to your battle helmet!
RT @PenguinKidsSA: 'Bone-crunching action adventure' -Financial Times #BodyguardTarget by @YoungSamurai: https://t.…
@DanSmithAuthor cheers dan! How's your writing going?