the world is a dangerous place.

connor reeves is the

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@HarisA1698 well organised!
That is the reaction I'm looking for!
@therealfelix2 @TopDropsMusic no convincing needed.
@therealfelix2 @TopDropsMusic yes, there 6 in total (although I have ideas for 2 more)
Completed US edition edit of #BODYGUARD @PhilomelBooks First books - Recruit and Hostage - out April 2017. Be ready!
RT @LBDGroup: Only by binding together as a single force will we remain strong and unconquerable ―@YoungSamurai #collaboration #teamwork #…
@TopDropsMusic wow that is a compliment :-) just wait for Bodyguard 5 Assassin
@TopDropsMusic yes I am! Over halfway :-)
I recognise my own journey in some of these moments!